BargainFlooring also specialise on installation of Quick-Step laminate flooring on stairs = stair renovation. I can transform any old , outdated and worn staircase into a new , beautiful and elegant staircase that makes an impression to all who use it


The Quick-Step Incizo profile can also be used to finish your stairs . It is applicable to any kind of staircase: straight or turning , with or without stair nose , flush or non flush . This stair profile is available in a pattern and surface structure that perfectly match your floor.  


                Why Quick-Step Incizo?  

                          - Practical

You create the profile you need for a perfect finish to your floor



You always have the right solution at hand No inconvenient seams in comparison with other types of multifunctional profiles   


           - No annoying demolition work  


The combination of a strong aluminium sub-profile , Quick-Step® One4All Glue , screws and the Quick-Step® Incizo® profile composed of quality materials , results in a solid stair solution you can rely upon . Scratch-resistant surface . There’s an Incizo® profile for each Quick-Step® floor . The result is a discrete and seamless transition to your floor . Ask your dealer for advice on the correct aluminium sub-profile for the Quick-Step® floor of your choice. Sub-profile to be ordered separately

Quick-Step stair renovation
Quick-Step stair renovation Dublin





Straight or turning . With or without stair nose . Flush or non flush installation .

OPEN STAIRCASES : You can use the Incizo® profile to obtain a perfect finish for half-open stairs. Incizo® can be used at the side of the planks with a tongue .   


Tired of the worn carpet on your stairs ?

Fed up with sanding and painting your treads ? The solution is here ! ! At last there is a solution that integrates your staircase into your interior . Are you curious how to install laminate flooring on stairs ? It is easy to clean , significantly reduce your ongoing costs when compared to carpet . High quality material reduce wear and tear for high traffic area , staircase and landing renovation . New treads are installed over the old ones . Stair makeover reduces noise of walking on the stairs . Stair Make-Over is a unique system to renew your stairs completely . You create your own style . The system is suitable for almost all types of stairs , old or new , any shape or material : straight , angled or curved staircases boxed or open staircases protruding treads wooden or concrete stairs .


Quick-Step lamunate stairs .jpg

         Installation instructions for stair                             finishing with Incizo®

Apply Quick-Step® One4All Glue to a panel and put it against the stair riser . The panel should come a bit lower than the stair tread . Put two spacers under the panel . This will enable you later to easily insert the tread plank under the stair riser plank . Glue and screw the aluminium sub-profile to the stairs . Apply glue to the sub-profile and the rest of the stair tread . Make sure the glue is well spread on the subprofile . Install a Quick-Step® panel on the stair tread by positioning it against the upright part of the subprofile . Push the rubber insert into the groove of the Incizo® profile . Apply glue on both sides of the Incizo® foot . Now , stick the Incizo® profile onto its sub-profile and position it nicely for a level transition with the rest of the tread . Repeat the installation for the rest of the stairs . Visit the Quick-Step® website to find more detailed installation instructions . Ask your dealer for advice on the correct aluminium sub-profile for the Quick-Step® floor of your choice . Sub-profile to be ordered separately . The result is a stylish eye-catcher that perks up your interior . 

STAIRS WITH STAIR NOSES - Finishing stairs with stair noses is easy . Here again you can have the stair risers finished with Quick-Step® planks .

MODERN STAIRS WITH CLEAN LINES - Straight lines are another option . Use the included slitter to cut off a part of the Incizo® profile . The result is nice flat stair risers.

A NON-FLUSH INSTALLATION - There is also an Incizo® solution for this . Simply turn around the aluminium subprofile , so the short leg is resting on the stair tread . Cut off a part of the Incizo® profile with the Incizo® slitter . Stick the Incizo® profile onto its sub-profile. Ready !** Non-flush installation is required e.g. when the Incizo® profile covers a transition to an existing floor .

OPEN STAIRCASES - You can use the Incizo® profile to obtain a perfect finish for half-open stairs .** Watch the new Incizo® 5in1 installation video . Find more detailed installation instructions for stair finishing with Incizo®.



Quick-Step has always been technically strong and quality-conscious , from the raw material to the finished product .

Quick-Step floor is a floor with an irreproachable reputation that will provide years of enjoyment . Just give it a try.



UP TO 10 TIMES MORE SCRATCH-RESISTANT : Scratch Guard technology is the end result of years of research and investment in the field of durability . The top layer of your floor has extra protection , for you to enjoy a beautiful , natural-looking floor for even longer UNICLIC®:

EASY AND EXCEEDINGLY STRONG : You can click the planks together easily with the revolutionary uniclic® system

SPLASH WARRANTY : The watertight glued base plate and pre-tension of our click systems give excellent protection against surface moisture , such as a spilled drink .

SUITABLE FOR FLOOR HEATING* : Select the right underlay and install your floating Quick•Step® floor . So you can enjoy floor heating without any worries .  

RESISTANT TO CIGARETTE BURNS : If a lighted cigarette drops onto your floor and stays there it won’t leave any traces behind.

HYGIENIC SURFACE EASY TO MAINTAIN : No dirt can accumulate , because the laminate has a sealed surface . So it's really easy to keep clean .

LIGHT AND SUN-RESISTANT : a Quick•Step® floor will discolour less when exposed to a lot of (sun)light . Which can't be said for many other floors

IMPACT-RESISTANT : Quick•Step® makes top-quality HDF core boards in-house , to standards that are higher and thus better than the current EN standards . In combination with the resistant top layer , your laminate has the best possible protection against falling objects , stiletto heels , etc.

SOLID SOUND : The hard core plate has been optimised for use in our floors and in combination with a Quick•Step® underlay yields a solid,pleasant sound .

ANTISTATIC : No annoying electrostatic discharges any more . Every Quick-Step® floor has undergone a unique and permanent antistatic treatment .

 Quick-Step stair renovation system is also available for Parquet flooring range



I am the first flooring installer in Ireland to achieve the prestigious title of Quick-Step Master Installer after completing a rigorous training and assessment programme at the state-of-the-art national Quick-Step Academy for Excellence in Flooring . Synonymous with excellence , true professionalism , complete confidence and a commitment to providing the very best service , Quick-Step Master Installer is able to offer customers unrivalled benefits such as a two-year installation warranty on Quick-Step flooring backed by one of the most recognisable names in wood and laminate flooring – Quick-Step . Master Installer guarantee to provide incomparable quality from start to finish and have a genuine interest in putting customers at the heart of their work . To be the first Quick-Step Master Installers in Ireland is a great achievement . Having my skills and professionalism accredited by the largest wood and laminate manufacturer in the world in these difficult times is amazing. For a floor that you can be proud of and for a hassle-free installation experience contact me .