Laminate flooring Dublin

You will get personalized service and attention to the smallest detail.  I guarantee you the most gorgeous floor for years of pleasurable living . Prepare to be wowed ! Take your time and discover what floor can do. Be inspired , look and compare . Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your interior ? The challenge of transforming your house into your home starts today !

A floor can make your room larger , smaller , higher , lower , warmer or cooler . Do you like light or dark floor ? A stone or wood design ? There is a wide range of options to fit your style . Quality speaks for itself . You will get an unrivalled service and great value . Flooring is one of the most important factors that determine the mood of your interior. Nothing sets the tone for a successful interior more than an extraordinary floor.

Here you can choose a floor that you find attractive and which also fits with the rest of your interior . 






 Quick•Step® laminate floors open new doors to creativity. They help you express your personality and bring dreams to life. They set the mood and allow you to create spaces that truly make you feel at home.

 Creo - Modern Laminate floors without V-grooves , Classic - Traditional Laminate floors without V-grooves , Elite - Plank floors with subtle edging , Eligna - Beautiful plank floors without V-grooves , Perspective - Beautiful plank floors with V-grooves , Rustic - Truly authentic planks with a rustic look and feel , Largo - Extra-long and extra wide planks with grooves , Arte - Magnificent large tiles with subtle V-grooves , Exquisa - Popular tile designs with a tactile surface structure , Eligna Wide - Extra wide plank floors without V-grooves , Perspective Wide - Extra wide plank floors with V-grooves

Laminate flooring - affordable luxury

June 22, 2015


Your choice of floor defines the atmosphere in your house . Because you want the floor that harmonise perfectly with your personal taste and style of living . Laminate flooring is another opportunity to create warmth and cosiness . Laminate floors can have different types of grooves . Each groove has a different effect on the room . Boards with a V-groove on the long side make the room seem deeper . Boards with an all round V-groove will give the room a more rural character and for those who like a sleeker more streamlined interior, they can choose boards without any V-groove at all . You’ll appreciate just how easy and straightforward it is to maintain laminate floors in perfect condition . It’s made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life . That's years and years without worries. Laminate is not only easy to clean, it's hygienic too . In fact the sealed surface prevents bacteria accumulating on the floor . This is good for the prevention of allergies . So it's really easy to keep clean . Planks and tiles . Wide and small planks . Modern and traditional . Laminate floorcovering is suitable for every room and everyone . It's beautiful, practical, good quality and affordable : why would you go for anything else ? Dust mite and other allergy-causing organisms cannot survive on clean laminate floor and this will help you protect your home from allergens . This is extremely important for people suffering from as asthma or dust allergies .